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We are pretty proud of students in TF 03 class where we encourage them to build projects which have great impacts on AI communities. They are going to be the AI pioneers in upcoming years. 

In TF 03, We have read some major papers in computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning, and design corresponding AI libraries. Each team has picked a research paper they are interested in and was working on it for one month.

All AI libraries are available here.

Quynh Tran (Leader)

Trần Minh Tú (Leader)

Sonny Truong

Hoàng Đức

Phung Nguyen Bao Long (Leader)

Quan Nguyen

Hoang Cao Bao (Leader)

Amy Nguyen

Joe Nguyen (Leader)

Anh Dung

Joe Nguyen

He won Kaggle 01 – Bike Rental Count Prediction.



Hoàng Đức

He won Top 1 – Kaggle 02 – Credit Card Fraud Detection

Hoàng Thùy

He won Top 2 – Kaggle 02 – Credit Card Fraud Detection

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